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Vehicle On Road Test (VORT)

The Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) is one of two ways you can qualify for a P1 provisional licence. The other option is the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) course.

If you choose the VORT method you have to:

You do the VORT practical driving test with a specially trained motor driving instructor, who will assess:

  • your knowledge of how to operate your car
  • your ability to complete some slow speed moves like parking
  • your ability to drive in busy traffic and at higher speeds
  • your observation skills
  • your ability to deal with hazards
  • your attitude to driving and to other road users.

If you pass the test, and you’ve completed the other requirements, you will be given your P1 provisional licence. If you fail the test you have to wait 14 days before your next attempt.

For more information about the VORT method go to page 114 of The Driver's Handbook.