City driving

City roads are usually busy. Much busier than country roads, with more distractions.

The more you drive in the city, the easier it gets. Get as much practice as you can. Be aware of what's going on around you, and concentrate on your driving.

  • Stay calm when you're driving.
  • Always indicate when turning or changing lanes.
  • Always drive at the right speed for the conditions, but never go over the speed limits signposted on the roads.
  • Don't take risks.
  • Be patient with other drivers when they make mistakes.
  • Keep a safe travelling distance from other cars. Make sure you plan your trip and know when you need to change lanes and turn safely to avoid breaking hard in traffic.
  • The chance of being involved in a crash where people are injured or killed nearly doubles with each 5km/h increase in speed on a 60km/h road.