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Be considerate

Drivers have a lot to think about. Let them concentrate on driving. 

Distractions - like loud voices, questions, moving around - can cause mistakes and accidents. Be calm and considerate yourself, and encourage others in the car to do the same. It’s safer for everybody.

When you get in a car, help the driver by reminding everybody to put on their seatbelts. There should be a seatbelt for everybody, and young children should be in the right kind of child restraints.

If the car is stopped by police and people aren’t wearing their seatbelts, the driver will be fined, and could lose their licence. Worse, if there’s an accident the chance of being badly hurt is much more for people not wearing seatbelts.

Be the best passenger you can be.

  • Remember that it can be difficult for a young driver to tell an older person to put on a seatbelt. Speak up if you need to.
  • When distracted, drivers can straddle lanes, be slow to react in emergencies, speed up or slow down without reason, and have poor judgement. All of these can cause a driver to crash.
  • If you're in a car as a qualified supervising driver, both you and your learner driver can be fined and lose your licence if your passengers are not wearing seatbelts.