Speed limits

Speeding is dangerous, and speed limits are in place to protect drivers.

Always drive at a speed safe for the road and weather conditions, but don’t go over the speed limit.

There are big fines, and demerit points, if you’re caught speeding by the police. Worse, you could injure yourself, your passengers, or other road users. Think about how you'll feel if you cause a bad crash. Don’t risk it.

You can see South Australian speed limits here on the My Licence website.

  • Monitor your speed and adjust it to traffic conditions and the road environment. The risk of a casualty crash approximately doubles with each 5 km/h increase in speed on a 60 km/h road, or with each 10 km/h increase in speed on 110 km/h roads.
  • The faster you drive, the harder you hit. At higher speeds there is a greater likelihood of severe injury or death. Even small increases in travel speed can cause excessively large increases in the likelihood of a crash that causes death or serious injury. In a crash your body will keep moving at the travel speed of the vehicle.
  • Speeding is the biggest killer of young drivers. Around 80% of those killed are male.
  • 50km/h is the maximum default speed limit in towns and cities.
  • 100km/h is the maximum speed limit on most rural roads in South Australia.