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Prequalification for Infrastructure and Transport

Prequalification is a system which ensures that only appropriately skilled and experienced companies are permitted to submit tenders to the Department in certain categories of contract.

To become prequalified, a company must demonstrate that they have the experience, technical capacity, available resources and management systems necessary to competently undertake the work. A company may apply for prequalification in any category at any time. Prequalification is available at various levels that reflect the complexity and value of contracts that a company will be permitted to tender for. When a contract is advertised, the Request for Tender will specify the level of prequalification required.

Prequalification does not replace effective post-tender assessment or sound contract management. It only represents a right to submit a tender or to be considered for a select tender list. For each tender assessment, the Department will take into account factors such as proposed methodology, resources allocated and past company performance when determining which company will be successful.

Prequalification at the higher level will automatically qualify a contractor to tender for work in a lower category. For contracts of high value or complexity, a pre-registration process (i.e. seeking Expressions of Interest) instead of, or in addition to, prequalification may apply.

More information

View the Department's Conditions of Prequalification, which includes the review and appeal processes.

Applications and enquiries
AreaSend applications toEnquiries
Building Projects Email:

Telephone: (08) 7133 1241

Transport Projects Email:

Telephone: (08) 7133 1263

Submitting applications more than 10 MB

If the file size of your application is more than 10 MB, please save your application onto a USB memory device and either post or deliver it to us. Do not submit a paper copy.

Postal address Delivery address
Department for Infrastructure and Transport
GPO Box 1533
Adelaide SA 5001
Department for Infrastructure and Transport
83 Pirie Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Referencing the Department's prequalification system

This prequalification system has been designed for the Department's own use under the supervision of experienced professionals.

While other organisations may refer to this prequalification system, the Department assumes no responsibility whatsoever to any other party in any matter associated with this prequalification system. The Department does not represent or warrant that any of the prequalified companies are technically capable or suitable for any non-Departmental project. Any organisation seeking to deal with prequalified companies must rely on its own enquiries and bears all risks associated with the use of this prequalification system.

By downloading any document from this site, you acknowledge and agree to the Department's Website Disclaimer.

If you reference this prequalification system for non-Departmental projects, you are advised to undertake your own assessment of a company's financial stability.

Download documents

Prequalification for building projects

Prequalification is open to general building contractors, trade/subcontractors and professional services contractors.


General BuildingGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Professional Services Contractor - Asbestos Management ServicesGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Trade/Subcontractor - Demolition and Asbestos RemovalGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Trade/Subcontractor - Air Conditioning and MechanicalGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Trade/Subcontractor - ElectricalGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proforma
Trade/Subcontractor - Fire ProtectionGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Trade/Subcontractor - PlumbingGuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Cost Manager (for Building Works only)GuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register
Professional Services Contractor (for Building Works only)GuidelinesApplication formPerformance report proformaPrequalification register

Contractors seeking to tender for South Australia Government Non-residential building contracts $50 million and over must be prequalified under the Building National Prequalification System (NPS). Refer to NPS: Non-residential buildings for further information.

Prequalification for transport projects

Roadworks and Bridgeworks (National Prequalification System)*GuidelinesApplication FormCompanies register
Professional and Technical ServicesGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Bituminous WorksGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Pavement MaterialsGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register 
Repair or Upgrading of Marine StructuresGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Supply and Manufacture of Road SignsGuidelines Application form Companies register
Workzone Traffic ManagementGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Directional BoringGuidelinesApplication form Companies register

For Pavement Marking, please refer to Australian Paint Approval Scheme.


Preferred Supply Arrangement for transport projects

Civil Works and Bridge Works*GuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Bituminous Works*GuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Safety BarrierGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Project Management and Contract ManagementGuidelinesApplication formCompanies register
Estimating, Scheduling and ConstructabilityGuidelines Companies register

* Any contractors who are currently prequalified with the Department's Prequalification Scheme may be eligible to apply for these Preferred Supply Arrangements.

Prequalification for rail safety workers

Supply of Protection Officers for the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN)GuidelinesApplication formPrequalification register

Prequalification of road safety or Safe System Assessment auditors, and restricted access vehicle route assessors

Senior Road Safety Auditor prequalificationGuidelines and application or maintenance form  Register
Restricted Access Vehicle Route Assessment and becoming a Route AssessorGuidelines and application or maintenance formFact sheet Register
Safe System Assessment (SSA)   Register