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From investing in road, public transport and other infrastructure to creating jobs, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport provides opportunities and improves the lives of South Australians.

$17.9 billion infrastructure blitz

A massive $17.9 billion infrastructure blitz is currently sweeping across South Australia—creating thousands of jobs. This work will result in new and upgraded infrastructure that will benefit current and future generations of South Australians, including new and better roads, intersections, bridges and rail infrastructure.

This massive amount of work means there are currently many active work sites across the state, causing unavoidable short-term disruptions such as traffic delays and temporary rail closures. However, this short-term inconvenience will be far outweighed by the long-term benefits of these exciting projects.

Career opportunities

Our investment in infrastructure is creating local jobs today and building job opportunities for the future.

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Business and community

We are committed to working with you to minimise impacts resulting from our construction activities.

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Major Infrastructure Projects

Public Transport Projects

Road Projects

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Marine and Bridges Projects

Completed Projects

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