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Freedom of information (FOI)

FOI  Information Statement

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport FOI Information Statement (PDF, 295 KB) is published in accordance with subsection 9 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act) and provides detail on:

  • the functions of the department
  • the types of information and documents held by the department, and
  • how a person can access information held by the department or amend information about them that is incorrect under the FOI Act.

Further detail on the department's structure and functions can be found in the department's Annual Report.

More information on Freedom of Information and making an application can be found on the State Records website.

External review by the Ombudsman

After an Internal Review has been completed, or where you have been unable to apply for an Internal Review, and you are still dissatisfied with the decision you can apply for an External Review by the Ombudsman.

You may also request an External Review by the Ombudsman if you have no right to an Internal Review.

The application for review by the Ombudsman should be lodged within 30 days after the date of a determination. The Ombudsman’s Office, at their discretion, may extend this time limit.

Investigations by the Ombudsman are free.  Further information is available from the Office of the Ombudsman by telephone on 8226 8699 or toll free 1800 182 150 (within SA).  Further information can be found at

Appeal to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT)

If you are still dissatisfied with the decision made by the State Government Agency, Local Government Council or University after an Internal Review or after a review by the Ombudsman you can appeal to SACAT. (Prior to 11 December 2016 this formally sat with the District Court).

You must exercise your right of appeal to the District Court or right of review to SACAT within 30 calendar days after being advised of the determination or the results of the review. Any costs will be determined by SACAT, where applicable. For more information, contact:

South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT)
Phone: 1800 723 767

Making an application

For more information on Freedom of Information please contact the department by email at or telephone (08) 8260 0531 during business hours, or mail to:

The Accredited Freedom of Information Officer
Department of Infrastructure and Transport
GPO Box 1533

FOI applications for motor vehicle registration and licence details

If you would like to access information regarding your personal vehicle registration or licensing details, you may wish to utilise the FOI process, or apply through the Service SA MR1415 application process. An MR1415 application will not invalidate an FOI application, or vice versa.

Please note that there is an application fee of $37.50 associated with an FOI application. The MR1415 application attracts a search fee of between $22.00 and $31.00 depending on the complexity of the search required. Fees under both processes may be subject to a fee waiver, reduction or remission.

Should you have any questions, please contact the FOI Unit on (08) 8260 0531 in relation to the FOI application process or Service SA on 13 10 84 in relation to the MR1415 application process, during business hours.

FOI Disclosure Logs

The Government has committed to the establishment of disclosure logs for all government agencies to provide central access to non-personal information that has been released under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act) for applications received after 1 October 2017.

Premier and Cabinet PC045 Disclosure Log Policy requires agencies to publish information and documents that have already been disclosed to an FOI applicant that:

  • are not related to the personal affairs of an individual;
  • could not be claimed as exempt documents/material pursuant to Schedule 1 of the FOI Act, when being publicly released; and
  • could not be considered defamatory or a breach of confidentiality or reasonably be anticipated to cause harm to a person.

Where documents are not able to be published, access can be requested by contacting the DIT FOI Unit via email at or by telephoning (08) 8260 0531 during business hours.

Disclosure logs - Department Disclosure logs - Minister