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Planned Small Construction Accreditation Framework

What is the PSC Accreditation Framework?

As part of the South Australia Productivity Commission (SAPC) recommendations into Government Procurement Practices, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) was tasked to promote streamlining of smaller and specialised construction projects by capable Government Agencies. DIT engaged the services of an external consultant to assist in the development of The Planned Small Construction (PSC) Accreditation Framework, which formed part of the broader review of the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) new operating model.

The PSC Accreditation Framework now enables Accredited Government Agencies the ability to act as the "Infrastructure Agency" on Small Construction projects that are low risk and valued  less than $4m (ex GST).

To become accredited, an Agency must apply to the DIT Accreditation Unit and provide evidence of capability and capacity to undertake  construction projects as an Infrastructure Agency under the framework.

An overview of the PSC Accreditation Framework and the Quality Standards applicable to achieve accreditation are provided here;

How does my Agency become Accredited?


To commence the accreditation process, all Lead Agencies seeking accreditation under the Framework must complete the Accreditation Self-Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to prepare Lead Agencies for the formal application process under the Framework. The process will assist Lead Agencies in understanding their own capability to manage and mitigate risk to Government in accordance with the Framework. The process and forms required for this stage are provided here;

Pre-Application Meeting

On completion of the Self-Assessment, an Agency can request a pre-application meeting with the Accreditation Unit. The pre-application meeting will be a two-way conversation between the Lead Agency and the Accreditation Unit to identify any gaps or areas of concern that may prevent accreditation from being granted. The pre-application meeting is to ensure both parties gain a good understanding of the accreditation application before lodgement and that Lead Agencies can demonstrate their capability and capacity to mitigate risk to government through provision of satisfactory evidence. The following documents relevant to this process are;

Pre-Application meeting request to be send to

Application Process

For a Lead Agency to become accredited under the Framework, they must seek approval (accreditation) through the Accreditation Unit. A completed Accreditation Application Form must be submitted by the Lead Agency to the Accreditation Unit for assessment.

Further information and forms are provided to the lead Agency post the Pre-Application Meeting.


Information for the Construction Industry

Historically DIT and the AGFMA Facilities Management Service Provider would engage the construction industry directly and offer a Tender for construction works. The Accreditation Framework now enables Accredited Agencies to act as the “Infrastructure Agency” for small construction projects (low risk and less than $4m total project cost) and as such, Tenders directly from Lead Agencies will be published.

Accredited Agencies will be encouraged to engage DIT pre-qualified contractors. Further information on DIT Pre-qualification can be found here.

As of 1 April 2022, the current list of Accredited Agencies are;


Accredited Agency Kiteworks Link

Link provided here on successful Accreditation

Please direct all correspondence to the Accreditation Unit via email to