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Future Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA)

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AGFMA and its Role

Each year, more than 200,000 individual work orders for maintenance and building works, covering 5,000 sites and more than 30 government agencies, are completed across the state to keep our public buildings safe and properly maintained.

The decision to progress to the Future AGFMA was made by the South Australian Government following a review of the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) to address matters raised by, the Ombudsman, SafeWork SA and the South Australian Productivity Commission with links also included in the Relevant Reference Documents page.

The implementation of a new operating model is expected to improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance of government assets.

Whilst the AGFMA has served South Australia well and will continue to operate, there are a number of opportunities for improvement, including implementing best practice asset management and industry standard works management information and systems.

The coordination of this work is managed via the AGFMA under the lead of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (the Department), ensuring our schools, hospitals, prisons, police stations and most other government buildings remain fit for purpose.

Future AGFMA

The State Government recently announced that a new, modern, best-of-breed model is to be implemented for facilities management, which will come into effect in late 2021.

The administration and coordination of work under AGFMA is currently split approximately 50/50 between the Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s internal Facilities Services team, and Spotless.

Under the future model, the administration and works coordination role will be entirely met by specialised external Facilities Management Service Providers, who bring the benefits of modern, best-practice systems and processes.

Importantly, in the future model, the fulfilment of maintenance work orders will continue to be performed by South Australian private sector contractors, including the same contractors that deliver trade services across the State today.

Contractors – Trade Services

If you’re a Contractor that currently provides maintenance works or associated project work under the AGFMA (including the Departments – Facilities Services), or are interested in participating in the Future AGFMA more information will be available via the link below.


South Australian Government agencies (departments) will be able to click on the link below to find out more about the Future AGFMA.

Facilities Management Service Providers

Facilities Management Service Providers interested in the Future AGFMA and procurement will be able to find out more information about the Future AGFMA via the link below.


Community members interested in the Future AGFMA will be able to find out more information via the link below.

The Process to engage Future Facilities Management Service Providers

The Department commenced a competitive market-based tender process known as an Expression of Interest (EOI) in September 2020, whereby  suitably skilled Facilities Management Service Providers were able to respond. This has now closed and leads into the next stage of the tender process where shortlisted providers will be asked to respond to a detailed tender document referred to as an Invitation to Supply or an ITS, starting from late November 2020, with the award of the new providers in mid 2021.

The State Government will continue to retain oversight through the above tender process  and the operations of the Future AGFMA, and is committed to ensuring local industry, particularly in regional areas, is supported now and into the future.

Please note given the above tender process it is possible contractors and SMEs who provide services through the AGFMA to existing FMSPs may be contacted by the short-listed potential future providers. You are welcome to communicate with the future potential providers, but any communications should be limited to your interest levels to be involved in the Future AGFMA and should not extend to information advising regarding maintenance or breakdown of sites or any site visits. Any queries with regard to this should be directed to the Future AGFMA mailbox

Separately businesses who have created a profile on the ICN may also be contacted in relation to other projects that have been loaded on the ICN network. More information can be found on the Contractors –Trade services page.

Current Contractor – ‘What We’ve Heard Report’

Link to the ‘What We’ve Heard Report’ (PDF, 813 KB) detailing the responses we received from both the workshops and the survey. The details in the report are currently in review. It is intended that the information in this report will help inform the way in which contractors interact with the Future AGFMA model, as well as shape the specifics of the fundamentals of the model. A further report is being developed that will set out how the feedback has been addressed which will be circulated through the Future AGFMA website subscriptions, and will also be added to this page.

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