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Service Delivery Planning

The Service Delivery Plan and Budget (SDP&B) cycle is an annual process whereby the Participating Agency and the Facilities Management Service Provider (FMSP) plan and agree on the preventative maintenance services to be delivered for the next financial year. An Agency representative with appropriate delegation is required to approve the final SDP&B to ensure alignment with the Agency’s Strategic Asset Management Plan, or other relevant Plan or Policy.

The key objective of preventative maintenance activities is to ensure that assets remain operable and safe for use. Preventative maintenance activities are scheduled in accordance with legislation, associated regulations and standards, and operating manuals.

The 2021-22 SDP&B for each Participating Agency continues as agreed and approved between each Agency and their respective incumbent FMSP (Spotless Pty Ltd or DIT-Facilities Services). For more information about delivery of the 2021-22 SDP&B, refer to the ‘Service Delivery Plan Continuation for 2021-22 ’ Fact Sheet.

A dedicated Ventia Operations Manager will collaborate with their respective Participating Agency representative to develop the Agency’s SDP&B for 2022-23 and onwards. For more information about this process, refer to Ventia's AGFMA site. To access this site, please use the  following password #00VentiaAGFMA* when prompted.

Technical Data Schedules

To support delivery of preventative maintenance activities agreed to under the former AGFMA, the Department developed a suite of Technical Data Schedules (TDSs). Per the Service Delivery Plan Continuation for 2021-22 Fact Sheet, each TDS is intended to be generic to an asset class and should not be relied upon by the FMSP or its sub-contractor as a comprehensive and definitive list of tasks, type or frequency of services to maintain an asset.