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Marine safety checks doubled

Thursday, 20 August 2020

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has more than doubled its marine vessel safety inspections, thanks to a digital safety check app.

After extensive trials, the Department’s Marine Safety and Compliance team has implemented mobile and web software application iAuditor, which provides a platform for safety inspections.

The new system allows officers to spend more time on the water inspecting marine vessels, rather than in the office manually entering data.

In July 2020, officers conducted 458 vessel inspections compared to 153 inspections in July 2019.

The new tool allows the team to collect consistent data, standardise operations, send reports and identify and resolve issues quickly with the easy-to-use checklist software.

The system allows for all vessel check sheets, along with other operational checks including Job Safety Analysis and Work Health and Safety Inspections, to be recorded straight away, streamlining this process for all Marine Safety Officers.

The Department’s marine team is developing systems for other parts of its business to utilise the potential of the new digital product, such as reporting navigation hazards, oil pollution reporting, and workplace and equipment inspections.