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KMTM Projects

Keeping Metro Traffic Moving Projects

Keeping Metro Traffic Moving (KMTM) seeks to deliver the following benefits and outcomes for our community and road users:

  • safe and reliable journeys – people and freight movement on roads that are more efficient and productive, through active and safe management;
  • informed travel choices – personalised travel information, reduced car dependency, higher vehicle occupancy and alternative travel modes and routes through more flexible, robust and varied options;
  • sustainable access to our roads – improved connectivity and co-operation among vehicles, roads and travellers, including pedestrians and bicycle riders, and local communities and businesses; and
  • improved customer experiences – services and information that are customer-focused and positive to encourage new and repeat usage and alleviate safety concerns and improved stakeholder engagement.

KMTM highlights some of the challenges that the road network is currently facing and identifies some of the opportunities for its improvement now, and into the future.

Extending clearways and parking restriction times

To tackle Adelaide’s peak period traffic congestion and improve road safety on major arterial roads, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport will be gradually extending the operating hours of clearways, bicycle and bus lanes on selected roads as part of Keeping Metro Traffic Moving.

For further information on changes to operating hours for clearways, bicycle and bus lanes click here.

Completed Projects

  • Variable Message Sign on South Eastern Freeway near lower arrestor bed for heavy vehicle detour
  • Bus indents at various strategic locations
  • Pt Wakefield Road/Montague Road – Additional Right Turn Lane for Heavy Vehicle access into Pt Wakefield Road (In progress)
  • Bus Indents on Glen Osmond Road and Hampstead Road to improve travel time for express buses and general traffic
  • Bus Indent for timing point on Portrush Road
  • Bus Lane on Goodwood Road
  • Right Turn ban from Richmond Road to Anzac Highway
  • Improved directional sign upgrade for Ring Route and other strategic routes
  • CCTV cameras on strategic sites for traffic monitoring