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Tourist Attraction Road Sign Application Form


There are specific criteria that apply for different types of tourist accommodation. Please read the Road Sign Guidelines – Guide to visitor and service road signs in South Australia before completing this application.

To be eligible for road signs, applicants must demonstrate that they meet all the relevant criteria detailed in the Road Sign Guidelines. Please complete the relevant sections of this application and provide as much detail and supporting information as possible to demonstrate that all eligibility criteria are met.

Section 1: To be completed by ALL applicants 

Suburb   Postcode
Phone        Fax 
Mobile   Email

Name of attraction

Address of attraction 

Description of attraction

Is tourism a core business activity for your business? (Refer section 2.1.1)

Is the attraction registered with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse? (Refer section 2.1.2)

Please provide evidence of relevant licences and approvals to operate as a tourist business.(Refer section 2.1.3)

Is the attraction open to the public without prior booking during normal opening times? (Refer to section 2.1.4)

Please indicate your normal opening days and hours of operations (Refer section 2.1.5)

Day Normal Hours                                    Seasonal variations (specify)








Is the attraction open on public holidays?

Is the attraction open during school holidays?

Does the attraction have a designated parking area clear of the road verge?(Refer section 2.1.6)

Please provide evidence and examples of a marketing brochure/ printed material, along with details of where this is distributed(Refer section 2.1.7)

Does the attraction have maintained toilet facilities that comply with disability access legislation? (Refer section 2.1.8)

Please provide details of existing onsite signs (include photographs) that clearly identify the entrance to the business and display opening days and hours. (Refer to section 2.1.9)

Is the attraction open for a minimum of 9 months of the year? (refer section 2.1.10)

Section 2: Please complete the following if relevant to your attraction

Primary & Secondary industry based attractions (Refer section 2.8)

Is the attraction open during normal business hours for public viewing?

Please provide details of the guided tours available to visitors including the timetable.

Please provide details of the interpretive material available to explain the relevant agricultural or industrial process.

Is there an opportunity to sample the produce without obligation to purchase the end product?

Aboriginal attractions (Refer to section 4.1)

Are interpretive panels or brochures available on site to explain the significance of the site?

Please provide copy of written approval from owner or management agency for visitors to enter the site.

Please provide copy of endorsement from the Local Aboriginal Land Council for tourists to access the site

Please provide information regarding the significance of the site to traditional Aboriginal life, customs or history.

Art galleries & craft outlets (Refer to section 4.2 & 4.3)

Does your attraction feature a resident artist/ craftsperson?

Does your attraction display a production process, together with explanatory information?

Does your attraction have at least 50m² of exhibition space?

Is the attraction a studio gallery?

Does your attraction have more than 30% of the art/ craft works by local and/ or regional artists or craftspeople on permanent display?


Wine region (Refer section 4.9.1)

Is your wine region recognised as a Geographical Indication by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation?

Please list 5 wineries within your wine region that qualify as a tourist attractions i.e. meet the criteria to trade as  cellar doors.






Do you have brochures and maps available to visitors in the Region at an accredited Visitor Information Centre?

Please indicate which accredited Visitor Information Centre(s) distribute your brochures

Winery cellar door (Refer section 4.9.2)

Do you have tastings and cellar door sales in a purpose built facility?

Please provide evidence of relevant licence(s) which permits sales to the general public.

Cruises/ scenic flights (Refer section 6.2.2)

Are the cruises or scenic flights available at least 5 days per week including weekends through pre-bookings?

Are the cruises or scenic flights available at fixed times on at least 5 days per week including weekends?

Are there contact details and/ or timetables on permanent display at the departure point(s)?

Other types of tourist attractions (Refer section 4.10)

There are other attractions that may be not easily fit within any of the above categories but warrant signing. Applications may be submitted to DPTI with the onus on the applicant to present a strong case for special consideration.

Applicants should provide a comprehensive application demonstrating a case for eligibility. Criteria for other categories may be a useful starting point to assist in preparing the application. Providing photographs, brochures, visitation numbers, etc would also assist with assessing the application.

Additional comments or information in relation to this application


If your attraction qualifies for tourist attraction road signs, it is your responsibility as the operator to ensure the attraction continues to comply with the criteria for your type of attraction.  If the attraction is found to no longer comply with the criteria, then DPTI may remove the sign at your expense.  All tourist signs are approved on this basis.  It is a requirement that operators indicate they accept this condition as part of their application.

All approvals are granted for an 8 year period.  After this period DPTI may ask you to demonstrate that the attraction still qualifies for signage.