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Staged re-opening of the Stuart Highway now underway

Monday, 7 February 2022

The staged re-opening of the flooded section of the Stuart Highway, at Glendambo, is continuing, with heavy freight and emergency service vehicles able to use the road during daylight hours.

Although water remains on the road, it was declared safe for trucks to begin using the road from 7am yesterday (Sunday 6 February). The highway will be opened to high-clearance four-wheel drives from tomorrow morning (Tuesday 8 February) and is expected to open to light vehicles by the end of the week.

Subject to water levels and road conditions, and during daylight hours only:

  • Since 7am Sunday 6 February, essential heavy freight and emergency service vehicles have been able to cross the flooded section one vehicle at a time, in one direction only (ie no two-way traffic on the flooded section) at a maximum speed of 20km/h.
  • From Tuesday 8 February, high clearance 4WD vehicles will be permitted to cross the flooded section one vehicle at a time and in one direction only at a maximum speed of 20km/h.
  • Once the road is safe for light vehicles (expected by late this week) they will be permitted to travel under restricted traffic management conditions.
  • Following a road condition assessment conducted by mid-week, blocks of traffic may be able to proceed one direction at a time with traffic controls and restrictions as required.
  • The highway at Glendambo may be ready to be opened to two-way traffic from Friday 11 February under a posted, lowered maximum speed limit.

Traffic management staff will monitor traffic restrictions and queues.

Motorists in the area are advised that sections of the Stuart Highway road and shoulder have been washed away presenting hazards to road users. While repairs are being made, motorists are asked to drive to the conditions, be aware of workers in the area and follow all signage. Please be patient and factor queues into travel timings and arrangements.

For the latest updates on road closures please visit: