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Damage to Old Rapid Bay Jetty

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Boat operators, scuba divers and swimmers are prohibited from waters in the immediate vicinity of Old Rapid Bay Jetty after a partial collapse of the closed jetty was discovered earlier this month.

Although there has been no pedestrian access to the jetty since it was closed in late 2004, the site is popular with scuba divers due to the area’s rich marine life.

The partial collapse was discovered on Monday, 10 January. The Department for Infrastructure and Transport has conducted an initial inspection of the damage, with works to follow soon.

The Department has set up buoys around the area to help alert users of the danger. A temporary digital sign has been erected to warn visitors of the dangers.

For safety reasons scuba divers, swimmers and boat operators are prohibited from navigating beneath or within 15 metres on either side of the Old Rapid Bay Jetty.

As further information becomes available the Department will provide updates via Facebook and Twitter.