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Think! Road Safety when driving on outback roads

Thursday, 8 October 2020

With most of South Australia’s outback roads affected by the recent heavy rainfall, outback travellers are reminded to plan ahead, stay up to date with current road warnings and drive to conditions.

The vast majority of South Australia’s outback roads are currently temporarily closed to traffic due to rain or flood damage, with their condition being assessed daily.

This has come at a time when traffic volumes have increased on some outback roads, following the recent reopening of South Australia’s border with New South Wales.

When roads are reopened to traffic, drivers and riders who are not familiar with the continually changing conditions on unsealed roads must take extra care and drive to conditions.

Road users are urged to obey Road Traffic Management signs and keep in mind that unsealed roads can pose unexpected hazards and slippery road surfaces – even when they’re not rain-affected.

They are also urged to slow down around road workers, and remember that outback roads are not a race track and should never be used to challenge their driving or riding skills.

To stay up to date with the ever-evolving conditions and accessibility of South Australia’s outback roads, travellers can call 1300 361 033 or visit

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