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Safety label reminder for electric and hybrid vehicle owners

Monday, 27 July 2020

As the popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles grows, The Department reminds potential traders and buyers of the requirement to fix a safety label onto their number plates.

Since 1 January 2019, it has been a requirement for electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuelled vehicles to have safety labels affixed to the number plates, under the Road Traffic (Light Vehicle Standards) Rules 2018 (the Rules).

These safety labels are needed to ensure that emergency personnel are able to take the appropriate precautions when dealing with motor vehicles involved in a crash.

According to the Rules, the onus is on the owner of the motor vehicle to ensure that the safety labels are affixed.

If you are buying a new car, double check it has a safety label on both front and rear number plates.

Car dealerships and manufacturers are also reminded of this requirement, as the majority of new motor vehicles are registered by a vehicle dealership and number plates are installed on a vehicle as part of the registration transaction undertaken at the point of sale.

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