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Timetable adjustments to reflect journey times, traffic conditions

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Adelaide Metro has made minor timetable adjustments on services using 39 timetables, to come into effect from July 5.

Adelaide Metro has today announced optimised timetables in the Hills, Outer South and East West zones, saving passengers on average nearly two minutes per day per trip.

In total 39 of Adelaide Metro’s 87 timetables have been optimised to better reflect changing patronage, traffic conditions and the real time running of buses.

The adjustments follow timetable changes in January 2014, January and October 2015, January 2016, December 2017, April and October 2018, and January 2019.

These changes follow detailed data analysis of actual and scheduled journey times and will better reflect the real-time running of buses.

With more accurate data, Adelaide Metro is able to better ensure these bus timetables match what is actually happening on the roads and reduce the need for buses to wait at timed stops due to running ahead of printed timetables.

As a result some buses on these routes sit idle at stops, holding up traffic and making journey times longer for passengers, to ensure they adhere to timetables.

No bus routes have been altered as part of these changes, nor any bus stops removed, and the same number of regular services will operate.

Other adjustments to be implemented from July 5 include modifications to some school routes, which have been agreed to after extensive consultation with affected schools and reflect changing student needs.

For more information on the July 5 timetable adjustments visit