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State Recovery website

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

A graphic showing as its mainelement to the across the image and to the full depth in most parts, showing a mossy log with new life growing out of it. There is a green and white diagonal pattern coming from the top of the image, about one third from the left and desecending less than a quarter of the graphice fepth, Next to that is a grey box with a triangular pointing down to almost a third of the depth of the graphic and extending to the right-hand edge. In this is the Department of Human Services logo. Across the misddle of the graphic, starting just to the left of centre, is a shallow blue box with white words reading Under that, slightly more to the right are the white words The latest information on fire recovery in South Australia

The latest information for communities affected by bushfires is available on the State Recovery website.

The website allows people to select the incident that has impacted them and find up-to-date information specific to that region.

Available information includes:

  • The Local Recovery Coordinator
  • Relief or recovery centre(s)
  • Grants and financial assistance
  • Mental health and wellbeing services
  • Clean up and waste management
  • Donations or volunteering, and much more.

The website is being updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Visit the State Recovery website here