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Two new red light and speed cameras switched on

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Motorists are advised that two new red light and speed cameras have been activated at high-priority locations near schools.

The cameras have been activated at the following locations:

  • Stephen Terrace pedestrian crossing, Walkerville, near Walkerville Primary School, monitoring southeast-bound traffic
  • Marion Road pedestrian crossing, Park Holme, near Ascot Park Primary School, monitoring southbound traffic

The cameras form part of the State Government’s commitment to install 10 new red light and speed cameras at high-priority locations, which were reviewed as part of the 2018 Speed Camera Audit.

Each new camera has been accompanied by new “red light and speed camera ahead” signs, as part of the government’s roll-out of larger signage to ensure greater awareness of fixed camera locations.

The Speed Camera Audit report is available at

Further information about speed camera locations and the camera site selection process can be found at