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New red light and speed camera activated at high-priority intersection

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Motorists are advised that a new red light and speed camera has been activated today (Tuesday, 12 November) at the intersection of Main North, Womma and Tolmer Roads, Elizabeth Park.

The intersection, located near Elizabeth Shopping Centre, has recorded one fatality, one serious injury and 20 minor injuries as a result of crashes in the five-year period between 2014 and 2018.

This camera is the first of nine new red light and speed cameras installed across metropolitan area since August that will go live.

The remaining eight cameras are expected to be activated by the end of this month.

A tenth camera will be installed at the pedestrian crossing on Goodwood Road near the Daws Road/Goodwood Road/Springbank Road intersection, when this intersection upgrade has been completed.

These cameras are part of the State Government’s commitment to install 10 new priority red light and speed cameras at locations identified as high-risk.

The selection criteria to identify these locations included analysis of crash history, traffic volumes, vehicle types, speed limits, road design, and the presence of vulnerable road users.

Seven of the 10 locations chosen are near schools.

The new cameras have been accompanied by new “red light and speed camera ahead” signs, which form part of the South Australian Government’s roll-out of larger signage to ensure greater awareness of fixed camera locations.

A recent speed camera audit in South Australia evaluated 35 intersections and identified up to 21 percent reduction in injury crashes at intersections where a fixed camera had been installed.

For more information about speed camera locations and the camera site selection process, visit