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Grain harvest road safety reminder for country regions

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Road users are reminded to take extra care while travelling in South Australia’s regions over the coming months as grain harvest gets underway.

The harvest period, which typically runs through to January, will see an increase in heavy vehicle movements and farming implements on country roads.

As the harvest period often coincides with holiday periods, roads will be busier than usual so holiday makers need to plan ahead, be patient and drive carefully through these regions.

Road users are reminded to Think! Road Safety and:

- Be patient, attentive and drive carefully

- Keep to the speed limit

- Wait until safe and leave plenty of room when overtaking

- Slow down when approaching vehicles entering or leaving the road

- Drive to the conditions, especially when visibility is low

- Keep headlights on day and night

Heavy vehicles have limitations in terms of stopping distances and ease of movement, and farming implements can be much longer and wider than expected. Road users are reminded to be patient and wait until safe to overtake.

Farming implements in paddocks can stir up dust, reducing visibility on nearby roads so it’s essential that road users drive to the conditions and keep headlights switched on during the day and night.

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