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New camera and larger signage to help reduce road trauma

Thursday, 24 October 2019

A new speed and red light camera will be activated at the Main North Road and Kings Road intersection, Parafield, this week in an effort to reduce road trauma.

The new camera is also accompanied by a large “red light and speed camera ahead” sign which is part of a State Government roll-out announced to ensure greater awareness of fixed camera locations.

These larger signs will be installed at all fixed speed and red light camera locations throughout the state by the end of the year.

The new camera and signage in Parafield will improve safety for all road users by targeting drivers who run red lights and speed through the intersection.

Crashes at the Main North Road and Kings Road intersection in Parafield, between 2013 and 2017, resulted in one fatality, two serious injuries and 42 minor injuries.

This new camera is one of two that were installed to replace decommissioned speed cameras at Glover Avenue, Mile End (Bakewell Underpass) and Frederick Road, Seaton.

The other camera is located at the Hampstead Road/Folland Avenue intersection, Northfield, and has already been activated.

A recent speed camera audit in South Australia, which evaluated cameras at 35 intersections, found there was a 21 per cent decrease in injury crashes in the five years after installation compared with the five years before it.

Potential camera locations are identified on a number of factors, including injury crash numbers, driver behaviour and the presence of vulnerable road users. Sites must also be suitable for the installation and operation of a camera.

More information about the camera site selection process can be found at: