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Level crossing safety

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

South Australians are urged to be aware of their safety and vehicle traffic at pedestrian and railway level crossings through a level crossing safety campaign.

All road level crossings on the Adelaide metro passenger rail network have active warnings with flashing lights and boom gates, however not all pedestrian crossings have them. Therefore passengers are required to check the track is clear in both directions of travel before crossing safely.

The most common dangerous behaviour that results in near-miss incidents include

  • crossing before the bells/signals and boom gates have stopped
  • using mobile devices or headphones
  • not looking both ways for trains
  • not using a pedestrian crossing
  • going through a crossing without noticing

Remember, never enter a level crossing while the lights are flashing or warning bells operating or the road beyond the crossing is not clear as the consequences can be devastating.

Improving the safety at South Australian rail and tram crossings is a key focus area of the SA Railway Crossing Safety Strategy.

For more information on level crossing safety please visit mylicence.