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It’s back to school – safety reminder to road users

Friday, 20 July 2018

Children across South Australia are heading back to school on Monday 23 July and drivers are reminded to travel at 25km/h in school zones and when passing school buses that are picking up or dropping off children.

The speed limit is 25km/h between school zone signs and at crossings with flags or flashing lights when children are present.

Take care and be alert at all times as children are small and vulnerable and still developing their ability to judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles.

If you’re driving with children in your care make sure that they are properly restrained and that they alight from the safe side when you have parked.

Follow the school’s expected procedures in designated drop off zones and make sure that you do not double park or park over driveways or crossings.

You might consider finding a park within easy walking distance of the school and walking for the last 100 metres. You’ll be just as quick and all children will be safer.

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