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Safer Vehicle Choices Save Lives

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Older vehicles are over-represented in fatal vehicle crashes and the average age of a vehicle involved in a fatality crash is increasing.

If you have a crash in a vehicle built in 2001 or earlier, it is four times more likely that you will die than if you are in a newer vehicle.

Across 2015, 2016 and 2017, the average age of a registered vehicle in Australia remained constant, yet:

  • In 2015 the average age of a vehicle involved in a fatal crash was 12.5 years
  • In 2016 the average age of a vehicle involved in a fatal crash was 12.9 years
  • In 2017 the average age of a vehicle involved in a fatal crash was 13.1 years

New cars are safer than old cars. Driving the safest car you can afford will give you and other road users a better chance of surviving a crash.

New cars are safer cars

No one should die from making a mistake on the road. We all think we're good drivers, but what about other drivers on our roads? What about their vehicles?

Let's start a conversation around the vehicles we own, driver and ride in every day.

Safer Vehicle Choices Save Lives - me or someone I know

1998 Corolla impact crash

2015 Corolla impact crash

How safe is your car?

ANCAP Safety Ratings are available for thousands of different vehicle makes, models and variants.

These ratings indicate the level of safety a vehicle provides in the event of a crash for occupants and pedestrians, as well as the vehicle's ability to avoid or minimize that effects of a crash.

The more stars, the better the vehicle performed in ANCAP tests.

Do you know your ANCAP?

To ensure you are driving the safest car, look out for the most suitable vehicle with the highest star rating that you can afford.

Over 1,300 lives would be saved on Australian roads over the next 20 years if the total average age of vehicles on our roads was reduced by just one year.

ANCAP's vision is simple . . .

To eliminate road trauma through testing and promotion of safer vehicles.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is a proud member organisation of ANCAP.