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Safety Improvements on Bower Road, Semaphore Park, are now complete

Friday, 23 February 2018

Works to improve safety with the installation of a ‘No Stopping Zone’ are now complete at the junction of Bower Road and Sansom Road, Semaphore Park.

Following extensive feedback from the community, local council and safety investigations, parking arrangements on Bower Road opposite the junction and to the east of Sansom Road near Swan Terrace, have been altered to improve safety for all road users. 

Safety improvements include the installation of a 45 metre ‘No Stopping Zone’ on Bower Road, opposite Sansom Road, and extending the existing ‘No Stopping Zone’ on Bower Road, east of Sansom Road, for an additional 20 metres to include bus stop 36C Sansom Road. 

Thank you for your patience while these important works were undertaken.