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Project background

South Road is one of Adelaide’s most important transport corridors. It is the major route for north and south bound traffic and freight and is part of the National Land Transport Network.

Click here to view a map of the north south corridor

The current roadway isn’t capable of handling projected growth in the number of vehicles that need to use the road or the size of freight carriers travelling along it.

In response, the State Government is expanding the route by creating a dedicated non-stop North South corridor to connect rapidly expanding industrial and residential growth areas between Gawler and Noarlunga.

Almost 50 kilometres of the north-south corridor has already been completed. New road links have been built between Gawler and Port Wakefield (Northern Expressway), Regency Road to the Port River Expressway (South Road Superway) and between Bedford Park and Old Noarlunga (Southern Expressway Duplication).

Traffic flow along this route has been improved with the building of the Gallipoli Underpass and the Glenelg Tram Overpass.

Planning study

In February 2011, a two year planning study began concentrating on South Road between Regency Park and Anzac Highway.

Key facts from the study:

  • This section of South Road carries between 33,000 and 52,000 vehicles per day. 10 – 15% are larger commercial vehicles.
  • Many of the trips are for businesses purposes.
  • Unlike many other sections of Adelaide’s road network which suffer congestion during peak periods only, this section of South Road experiences high levels of congestion all day.