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Please give GEH as much notice as possible of the date you intend to vacate. The legal requirement is at least 21 days notice in writing. Failure to give the required notice will result in rent continuing to be charged after you vacate.

You can provide written notice to vacate by completing the online Intention to Vacate form using the following link:

Submit Vacate Notice

Reminders When Moving Out

The Key Agent must complete a final inspection once the property has been cleaned and all furniture and belongings have been removed from the property.

Keys are to be returned to the designated Key Agent. Until your keys are returned, your rent will continue to be charged.

Remove all of your personal belongings. Goods left for more than 60 days in an unoccupied house are legally regarded as 'Abandoned Goods' and may be sold. Rent will continue to be charged to tenants whose personal belongings are still located on the premises.

Ensure the premises and gardens are presented for the final inspection in a clean and tidy condition in accordance with GEH Vacancy Requirements.

Ensure that final readings are taken for your services such as gas and electricity and contact your telecommunications supplier to cancel the phone/internet services. Contact Australia Post to have your mail redirected.

Tenant Vacancy Requirements

A downloadable copy is available here.

On vacating the premises, the house and garden should be left in a clean and tidy condition with all refuse removed. Failure to do so will result in tenant charges being levied.  To prevent this, the following list has been compiled for your assistance in ensuring the property is presented appropriately for the exit inspection.

*    AIR CONDITIONERS remove, clean and replace filters. (Ducted N/A)

  • AIR VENTS to be cleaned and clear of dust.
  • BATHROOM wall tiles, bathroom cabinets, shower recess to be cleaned and grouting/silicone free of all soap residue and mould.  Shower screen to be cleaned and streak free.
  • BLINDS to be dusted and where necessary cleaned.
  • CARPETS to be vacuumed and free from all marks and stains.  Carpets should be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company where stained or where pets have been kept inside, or if deemed necessary by the key agent conducting the final inspection.
  • COBWEBS to be removed throughout the premises (internally and externally).
  • CONCRETE veranda, garage and carport floors to be swept and free from oil and grease stains.
  • CUPBOARDS to be emptied and wiped out and cupboard doors cleaned and free from marks & grease.
  • DAMAGE any and all damage to the property caused during your tenancy, including damage caused by pets, must be rectified/repaired prior to vacate.
  • DISHWASHER (if in situ) to be cleaned and descaled.
  • DOORS skirting and architraves to be dusted and washed where necessary. Door tracks to be cleaned and free from dirt and/or pet hair.
  • DRAWERS kitchen and all others to be emptied and wiped out and drawer fronts cleaned.
  • EXHAUST FANS (kitchen, laundry and bathroom) protective covers to be removed and cleaned.
  • FLOORS Vinyl/tiles to the wet areas laundry, bathroom and toilet to be swept/vacuumed and washed.
  • GARAGE/SHEDS to be left empty and cleared of all personal possessions. Cobwebs removed, floors swept and free from oil and grease stains.
  • GARDEN all garden areas to present a neat and tidy appearance with all debris, animal faeces and rubbish removed.  Lawns to be mowed and edged, weeds removed; paths to be swept.
  • KEYS & REMOTES all keys and remotes including any additional keys cut during your tenancy, must be returned to the GEH Key Agent upon vacating.
  • LAUNDRY trough to be washed removing any stains or soap residue.
  • LETTERBOX to be emptied, cobwebs removed and wiped over inside and out.
  • LIGHT FITTINGS/CEILING FANS to be dusted and cleaned, and all covers in situ.
  • MOBILE GARBAGE BINS (rubbish, recycle and green waste) to be emptied, cleaned and securely stored in rear garden or inside shed at property – NOT left out on kerb after collection.
  • RANGE HOOD FILTERS to be washed and cleaned free from grease.
  • SINKS to be cleaned and free from mould and soap residue.
  • STOVE, griller, drip trays, oven and burners/cooktop as well as the general body of the stove to be cleaned (and behind if possible/applicable).
  • UTILITY providers to be notified to cancel services (electricity, gas, phone/internet etc.)
  • WALLS all marks to be removed.
  • WINDOWS/TRACKS/SILLS to be cleaned, windows streak free inside & out. Fly screens to be free of dust and cobwebs.


  • WASHING MACHINE/DRYER & VACUUM CLEANER to be cleaned.  In the case of the vacuum cleaner, the dust bag/compartment is to be emptied or replaced. Filters to be cleaned.
  • REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER to be emptied, defrosted and cleaned.  Power switched off and door left ajar to prevent mould.
  • FURNITURE upholstery to be left in good and clean condition.
  • CUPBOARDS, CHESTS, WARDROBES to be left empty with shelves washed and face panels cleaned.