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DIT Aboriginal Internship

The DIT Aboriginal Internship Program provides another pathway towards employment for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who may not be eligible to apply for other employment programs such as Traineeships due to their age, or Cadetships if they have no desire or are not eligible to undertake tertiary study.

The DIT Aboriginal Internship Program provides greater flexibility with respect to business/operational areas individuals may be placed and aims to provide employees with opportunity to develop their professional skills with on-the-job experience while simultaneously providing relevant vocational training towards a recognised qualification that corresponds to the discipline area they are placed.

An advantage of the DIT Aboriginal Internship Program is that it is tailored to individual and business requirements and may refer individuals directly from the Aboriginal Employment Register.

Advantages of the DIT Aboriginal Internship Program

  • The internship program is not restricted by age of the employee
  • Aboriginal interns may be employed across different disciplines and classifications
  • Provides interns with on-the-job development and relevant training towards a vocational qualification
  • May be appointed by direct referral from the Aboriginal Employment Register
  • The internship program is tailored to business and individual requirements
  • Mentoring and ongoing professional development support is provided where required
  • Internship program may lead to ongoing employment options at conclusion

DIT has Aboriginal Interns working across various disciplines within the department at different classifications. If you think an internship may be something you are interested in you can submit your details to the Aboriginal Employment Register in the first instance.

For further information, contact the:

Principal Cultural Consultant, Aboriginal Engagement & Inclusion
Department of Infrastructure and Transport
GPO Box 1533
Adelaide  SA  5001
Phone: (08) 7109 7129

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