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Details of the changes

A new regulatory regime will involve:

  • The creation of Transport Booking Service entities (TBSs) to replace the current Centralised Booking Service system for taxis and to provide and rideshare booking services for chauffeur vehicles
  • Six monthly inspections of vehicles for taxis
  • Development of an appropriate Compulsory Third Party Insurance Premium (CTP) category for providers
  • Simplified hire/chauffeur car categories and vehicle standards
  • Reduced credit card surcharges on taxi fares
  • Preservation of exclusive rights to rank and hail work for taxis
  • No release of taxi licences for at least five years
  • The driver training program to become the responsibility of the relevant booking service
  • Taxi fares in general will be increased on the running and waiting time components only and a new peak night time (midnight to 6.00 am) payment of $2 for the driver on weekends and public holidays
  • Less regulation around the type of vehicles to be used by all platforms
  • Introduction of a lifting fee for wheelchair accessible taxis to replace metering charges while passengers are assisted in and out of vehicles
  • Introduction of industry assistance package to permanent taxi licence holders and lease holders, funded by a levy on all metropolitan journeys.

What will not change?

Current accreditation standards for all drivers will be maintained.

Road worthiness standards for vehicles and minimum cleanliness.

Future changes

The review panel also recommended several longer-term initiatives including:

  • Introduction of Chain of Responsibility provisions and Disqualifying Offences
  • Adoption of new technologies for the South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme
  • Changes to the Passenger Transport Standards Committee.

For more information on applying for a South Australian Driver or Operator accreditation please go to the site or visit the Accreditation and Licensing Centre, 71 Richmond Road, Mile End SA 5033.

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