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Taxi and Chauffeur Vehicle Industry Reform

Changes to the Taxi and Chauffeur Vehicle Industry in South Australia

Taxis and chauffeur vehicles are important components of South Australia’s transport industry. Known as ‘personalised’ or ‘point-to-point’ transport, they provide flexible services that take customers on a route they choose and at a time that suits them.

Innovative technologies, such as smartphone apps to book, track and pay for these services, and new business models, such as ‘rideshare’ schemes, have recently expanded the range of point-to-point transport available. This will lead to greater choice and more competitive fares for customers, and fresh business opportunities for new and existing operators.

Why are changes needed?

In order for the point-to-point transport industry to take advantage of these trends and undertake sustainable growth, the transport services market will be opened up to healthy competition. The industry needs to embrace new technologies and a culture of high quality customer service.

The Taxi and Chauffeur Vehicle Industry Review

Point-to-point transport services are provided by private companies but are subject to state laws, regulation and, in some cases, local requirements.

In 2015, the State Government initiated an independent review of the taxi and chauffeur vehicle industry. The review panel recommended several changes, from regulatory reforms to support a more open market and increased competition, to improvements around service experience for customers.

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