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- Why has the right turn westbound access been removed from Springbank Road to Oxford Circus?

Due to the extension of the right turn lanes on Springbank Road and realignment of the intersection, the right turn westbound access from Springbank Road onto Oxford Circus cannot be safely accommodated in the new design.

- Will there be right turn access out of the Springbank Secondary College car park on Daws Road?

Due to the realignment of the intersection, the right turn out of Springbank Secondary College to Daws Road cannot be safely accommodated in the proposed design. The project will include a U‑turn facility further west on Daws Road as an alternative.

- Why haven’t you considered additional bus access and amenities options as part of this design (e.g. indented bus bays)?

Bus lanes have not been included at this stage due to the addition of through lanes on Goodwood Road. Bus facilities including indented bus bays and bus lanes, will be considered as part of the detailed design process.

- What are you going to do with the left over land in the south-west corner (corner of Goodwood/Daws) and north-east corner (corner of Goodwood/Springbank)?

As the design progresses, further consideration will be given to any areas of land that remains surplus alongside the new alignment. These areas may be used as green spaces, allowing opportunity for additional vegetation to be planted in the area.

The community will have further opportunity to work with the project team to investigate opportunities for these identified areas.

-  What impact will there be on vegetation in the area as part of the project?

As the design progresses further details will be made available regarding any vegetation impacts and revegetation of the project area following construction. Consideration is always given to limit the removal of vegetation along project corridors as much as possible, however for a large upgrade such as this, it is likely some vegetation will be impacted.

- How will pedestrian safety be managed given the proposed four-way realigned intersection will result in longer crossing distances?

The pedestrian ‘green’ crossing times have been set to allow sufficient time for pedestrians to cross the intersection. It is important to note that the pedestrian crossings at the intersection will have pedestrian sensors to hold traffic in accordance with DIT Traffic Signal Design Specifications. The existing pedestrian actuated (push button) crossing on Goodwood Road, just south of Boothby Street, will remain. The project will also upgrade the ‘Koala’ crossing on Daws Road to a pedestrian actuated (push button) crossing.

- How will traffic delays be managed during construction so that ‘rat running’ through local streets will not occur?

DIT will work with the City of Mitcham to discuss possible ‘rat running’ routes and how this issue can be mitigated during construction.

- How will the design accommodate the parking required for Bedford Group?

DIT are working with the Bedford Group to ensure that its parking facilities are maintained throughout construction and upon completion of the project.

- When will actual construction begin and how long will this project take to complete?

Early works including service utility relocations and property demolitions began in early 2020. Major construction works commenced in late January 2021 with the new four-way intersection open to traffic in April 2021. Project completion is expected in late 2021, weather permitting.

- Have you considered other options for the intersection?

Prior to finalising the current design, the department investigated multiple options for this intersection. Following community feedback, new data and detailed costings, a realigned four-way intersection will be delivered.

- Will my feedback be considered even though the department has a preferred design?

All feedback received regarding the current proposed concept design will be forwarded on to the project team for review and consideration, where possible.

This feedback is important and will help inform the development of the design. The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) will continue to liaise with the community as the design is developed. All feedback and concerns will be considered as part of the detailed design process to identify a solution that delivers on the projects objectives, whilst balancing the needs of the various stakeholders, as much as practically possible.