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Horrocks Highway Upgrades

A funding commitment of $55 million has been made for the Horrocks Highway Upgrades, as part of the SA Rural Road Package, and is focused on infrastructure upgrade along the 245km road section between Wilmington and Gawler.

This section of Horrocks Highway passes through Wilmington, Melrose, Gladstone Clare, Auburn and Tarlee.

Upgrades may include:

  • shoulder sealing
  • upgrades to the Gladstone rail corridor and level crossing
  • new overtaking lanes and overtaking lane extensions
  • bridge upgrades
  • pavement resealing and rehabilitation
  • road safety improvements including barrier upgrades, wide centreline treatments and audio tactile line marking.

Key investigations underway include:

  • New overtaking lanes – to improve safety and reduce driver frustration along this freight and tourist route (multiple locations between Clare and Templars).
  • Gladstone rail corridor – to address extended periods of flashing rail signals whilst rail movements occur near the Horrocks Highway level crossing.  This includes works within the rail corridor to expand rail capacity and install boom gates at rail crossing.
  • Bridge upgrades – to remove constraints preventing use of freight vehicles along selected parts of the road, bridge upgrades and widening have been proposed, particularly at Spring Creek (located north of Melrose).
  • Pavement condition – to identify priority upgrade locations, including input provided by road users.
  • Shoulder sealing – to improve safety and road width consistency addressing missing gaps.

Planning and design work will continue in the coming months with more information on the proposed scope of works to come.

The Department will continue to consult with key regional and industry stakeholders during the planning and design phase.

visit the Horrocks Highway Upgrades Website.

To provide your feedback or register your interest don’t hesitate to contact the project team: