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Penfolds/St Bernards/Newton/Darley

Future Road Management in Adelaide's East

A number of solutions are proposed to address safety and traffic flow issues on Penfold - St Bernard’s - Newton - Darley Roads between Wattle Park and Paradise.

A draft Road Management Plan (RMP) by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) was released for public comment in October 2011 as part of responsible future transport planning undertaken by the department.

The draft Plan looked at how the roads are operating and the needs of people who use, live or work alongside them.

The draft RMP was the result of a detailed research study which included site auditing and observations, analysis of crash data and traffic flow statistics and preliminary discussions with the affected Councils – Campbelltown and Burnside.

The draft Plan provided an overall view of the operational and safety issues of Penfold Road, St Bernard’s Road, Newton Road and Darley Road.

DIT sought public comment on the proposals contained in the Plan. Although the proposed treatments are currently unfunded, the Plan will be used as a reference when setting state-wide funding priorities and seeking funding for their implementation.

Following receipt of the feedback and updating of the crash data and traffic volumes in 2017, DIT reviewed recommendations where appropriate and finalised the plan.

Below summarises the infrastructure and safety upgrades that have occurred in the area since finalizing the RMP:

Traffic signals installed at Newton Road / Graves Street junction

Right turn arrows installed at Darley Road / Gorge Road traffic signals

Kerb ramps and corner island cut-outs upgraded to DDA compliance at Newton Road / Montacute Road intersection.

Download a full copy of the final report (PDF, 6039 KB).