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O-Bahn Park 'n' Rides

The State Government is investing in a stronger public transport network and is committed to delivering increased connectivity, faster and more reliable travel options and increased use of public transport.

O-Bahn buses are the most popular public transport services in Adelaide, carrying more passengers on an average weekday than the most popular rail services.

In August 2020, the new Paradise Park 'n' Ride opened providing 815 car parking spaces, delivering on the State government's commitment to expand parking facilities along the O-Bahn, and increase the use of public transport.  In March 2022 the new Golden Grove Park 'n' Ride opened providing 450 car parking spaces.

On 18 June, 2021 the State Government committed $48.5 million to deliver additional parking at the Tea Tree Plaza Park ’n’ Ride.

This new Park ‘n’ Ride facility at Tea Tree Plaza will be built near the existing 700-park facility and increase the number of Park ‘n’ Ride spaces available to around 1,200.

North East Public Transport Study

The Paradise and Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride’s form part of the North East Public Transport Study (NEPTS) which is investigating improving public transport for the north eastern suburbs.

To find out more about NEPTS, O-Bahn Park ‘n’ Rides or the Paradise Park ‘n’ Ride project please visit:

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