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Main North Road/ Tiver Road/ Gordon Road Intersection Upgrade

Tiver Road

The project involved upgrading the intersection of Main North Road, Tiver Road and Gordon Road to provide a 4-way signalised intersection to support planned development in the Gawler Urban Growth Area as identified in the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.  The aim of the project was to improve road safety in the area by signalising this intersection and to support current and anticipated traffic volumes associated with continued growth.

Improvements to business access by construction of a new service road at the south eastern corner, installation of new bicycles lanes, new street lighting to enhance visibility when approaching, new footpaths on the northern side along with a lower safer 80 kph speed limit when going through the intersection have been introduced.

Project time frame

November 2012 - November 2013

Project cost

$13.7 million