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Roadside Hazard Management (Clear Zones)

This project includes the development and delivery of the roadside hazard management strategy is based on achieving the following:

  • A target clear zone width of 5-6 metres (from the edge-line), which will involve the removal or relocation of all non-frangible hazards.
  • Roadside barriers at high risk locations (e.g. embankments, on the outside of curves, and heavily wooded areas with large non-frangible trees beyond the 5 metre clear width)

These improvements also involve a large scale vegetation clearance to increase the clear zone width along the Dukes Highway, the replacement of non- frangible sign posts and the installation of approximately 86 kilometres of roadside safety barriers at high risk locations.

To date, approximately 36km of safety barriers have been installed and further installation will continue in 2013.