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Forecast Transport Data Request TA001

Instructions on how to complete TA001 “Request for Forecast Turning Movements” form

  1. The first section of the TA001 identifies the contact information for the parties submitting the forecast request (Project Manager, Transport Planner, Project Sponsor)
  2. The requestor shall fill out the “Study/Project description” and provide as much detail about the study/project and location as possible. Attach/upload documentation to identify specific location and size of any proposed development and specify the years for which forecast data is requested, i.e. 2021, 2026, 2031, and/or 2036.
  3. Please identify whether forecasts are needed for isolated intersection(s). If turning movement forecasts are required for specific times (am, pm, etc.), please indicate accordingly in the additional information section of this form (Question 11)
  4. Make sure the following documents are ready for upload:
    1. Map identifying project boundaries and specific intersections to be forecast (required)
    2. Project Brief or Project Definition Report (required)
    3. Proposed plans/drawings of intersections for future options (if applicable)
    4. Recent traffic count surveys (in the past two years)
  5. Provide an explanation of any other specific details that would assist with the completion of the forecast

To note:

  • Providing forecast tuning movements is subject to the receipt of the completed TA001 form;
  • Forecast turning movements are prepared based on DPTI’s strategic transport models which are based on a range of assumptions in accordance with the State’s strategic policies and plans;
  • These forecasts may need to be revised should these key assumptions change;
  • Forecast turning movements represent the average weekday, and
  • These forecasts are not to be used for any purpose other than that specified on the TA001 form.

Turnaround times

Generally, please allow a minimum of two weeks to complete turning movement forecasts.

Turnaround time for complex projects can be substantially longer. You will be contacted with an estimated turnaround time within a few days of receipt of the completed form.

* required fields

Submitted by
Organisation *
Project Manager
Project Sponsor
Transport Planner
Project/Planning Study High Level Information
Will the requested forecasts be used for input into a High Level Planning Study? *
The requested forecast is not suitable for your study. Please contact Transport Analytics Travel Demand Modelling Team at to explore alternative options.
(If not applicable, please enter N/A)
(if not applicable, please enter N/A)
Required Information for the Preparation of the Forecasts
1. Is this request for forecast turning movements at isolated intersection(s), usually for use in intersection modelling? *
3. Does a project brief, project definition report or similar exist for this planning exercise/project? *
(in MS Word or PDF)
4. Does this request include amending any of the assumptions used in DIT's strategic transport model for the requested location(s) and/or the network in vicinity of the location(s) *
5. Are there other projects in the area that could affect this forecast? *
6. Have turning movement count surveys been conducted at this location in the last 2 years? *
(In MS Excel)
7. Do you have plans/drawings showing the proposed upgrades/modifications to the intersection(s) for which forecasts are requested *
8. Will the information be used *
Mark the location of intersection(s) for which forecasts are requested on a map and upload (JPG or PDF)
10. Specify the year(s) for which forecast turning movements are requested *