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Risk Management

Risk and audit at a glance

The Department manages a wide range of complex areas with the need to manage significant levels of risk and is committed to embedding, monitoring and refining risk management processes into our culture, practices, and decision-making processes.

Fraud detected in the agency

Category/nature of fraudNumber of instances
Confirmed fraudulent activity1

Note: fraud reported includes actual and reasonably suspected incidents of fraud.

Strategies implemented to control and prevent fraud

  • Continue  to implement and continuously improve fraud and corruption control strategies  in line with Australian Standard 8001-2008 Fraud and Corruption Control.
  • Mandatory  completion of the online Fraud and Corruption Control training module by all  employees within the Department.
  • Continue  to promote behaviour in line with the Code of Ethics for the South Australian  Public Sector.
  • Assess  and test controls relating to fraud as part of internal audit processes and  reviews.
  • Continue  to develop relationships between the Investigations Unit and other business  units to develop and plan projects and resources that mitigate any potential  risks.
  • Targeted  face to face training sessions are held with specific business units based on  their risk profile.
  • Fraud  and Corruption Control presentations at corporate induction days for new  employees.

Data for previous years is available at:

Fraud Detected in the Department for Infrastructure and Transport - Dataset -

Annual report - Department for Infrastructure and Transport - South Australia (

Public interest disclosure

Number of occasions on which public interest information has been disclosed to a responsible officer of the agency under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018:


Data for previous years is available at:

Public Interest Information (Whistle-blowers') disclosure for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport - Dataset -

Note:  disclosure of public interest information was previously reported under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 and repealed by the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 on 1/7/2019.