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Way2Go offers a range of tools and resources to encourage safer, greener and more active travel at South Australian primary schools. The teaching resources are comprehensive and support teachers as they design their curricula and plan lessons and learning experiences to deliver the student learning intentions of the mandated curriculum framework. They are intended to assist and complement the current work of teachers rather than be an additional delivery expectation. The range of support materials can be ordered online from the menu below.

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  • School Resources

    • Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) Health and Physical Education scope

      The ACARA Health and Physical Education scope states that;

      • The knowledge, understanding and skills taught provide a foundation for students to enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing in ever-changing contexts.
      • By taking a strengths-based approach the questions - what keeps people healthy? and - what helps people to be active? invites students to build on their resources and competencies consistent with a preventive health agenda.
      • The priority is to provide ongoing, developmentally appropriate opportunities for students to practise and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to maintain and enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing.
      • The broader school environment enhances the effectiveness of the delivery and learning supports students to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.
      • Students are better able to practise and reinforce their learning if the physical and social environments in schools reflect the health messages delivered in the Health and Physical Education curriculum.
      • In movement and physical activity contexts, students develop and refine their communication, decision-making and goal-setting skills, and learn to manage risk and take responsibility for their own and others‘ safety.
    • Way2Go teacher packs

      A comprehensive package of educational materials for teaching safer, greener and more active travel in South Australian primary schools, comprising three satchels: Early (R-2) Years, Primary (3-5) Years and Middle (6-7) Years; each containing a Teacher Pack resource book, CD, DVD and supporting resources.

    • Elmo Stays Safe

      Elmo Stays Safe teaches pre-school aged children and families about safe road practices including child restraints, crossing the road, carpark safety, driveway safety and walking down the street. Elmo Stays safe Story book Available here.

    • Tracksafe

      Rail safety (train and tram).  A resource for schools, parents, students and rail workers. To find out more Tracksafe Education.

    • Way2Go Bike Ed resource

      The Way2Go Bike Ed Teacher Resource was developed within the ACARA framework.

    • Additional Resources for schools

      There are a number of additional resources that schools have access to Way2Go Order Teaching Resources.

      The Cycling and the Law booklet is a comprehensive pocket guide including all the cycling specific rules in South Australia.

      Hard copy Cycling and Walking Maps are also available to assist in making active travel choices in Adelaide’s metropolitan suburbs. The maps show bike lanes, local streets and shared use paths, as well as signalled intersections, pedestrian crossings and school crossings to help plan cycling or walking trips.

      In addition, the Cycle Instead Journey Planner is an online tool that generates personalised cycling routes using Adelaide's Bikedirect network of main roads, bike lanes, local streets, off-road paths and some unsealed paths.

    • School Crossing Equipment and Information

      School Crossing equipment is available only to South Australian Schools that have recognised crossings.

      Additional Information on school crossings, school monitors and school zones, signs and restrictions available online.

      To replace lost or damaged school crossing equipment complete and submit this order school cross equipment form. Your inbox will receive a copy of your order, which will be processed and send to the school.

    • Bike and Scooter parking

  • Way2Go Signage

    Way2Go signage is a prompt for learned safe behaviour e.g. Stop Look Listen Think signs at school pedestrian exits support school and parent teaching.

  • Way2Go in Action

    Way2Go works closely with schools across the state to tailor plans and actions to meet each community’s specific needs and aspirations. There is no one way or specific template with which schools comply.