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Way2Go a whole school approach

A whole-school approach where schools, communities and parents work together, is likely to be most effective in increasing active travel for school journeys and reducing road-related harms for children and young people.

This whole school approach has led to the development of a set of evidence-based Principles for School Road Safety Education that are supported by education systems and school road safety educators across Australia.

three identified components

The three identified components are:


A focus on student learning  that is age appropriate, models leading practice and  integrates into teachers’ work

Ethos and Environment

Walking the walk – demonstrating that the school values active travel and safe traffic behaviours

Includes  examination of the impact that school policies and traditions have on children’s active travel

Parents and Community

Acknowledges parents role as the child’s first teachers, and the decision makers about children's independent mobility

Explores the impact of parent mode choice on local school traffic congestion and children’s safety

Schools make a commitment to

  • Encourage safer, greener and more active travel
  • Develop a School Travel Plan
  • Measure how increased active travel over time improves student and  community  health, wellbeing, safety and cohesion