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Benefits of Way2Go

Students and families

  • More active travel - a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop cycling skills and safe cycling behaviours
  • Make links to local community programs and venues
  • Develop road safety knowledge and safe traffic behaviour
  • Increase in student independence - fun, friends and learning
  • More parent personal time


  • Less school traffic - safer travel and precincts
  • Improved school travel routes - more cycling and walking for all
  • More cycling and walking paths that link schools and community facilities
  • Community fun and connections - safety and cohesion
  • Improved air quality

Schools and Councils

  • Bike storage facilities
  • Place making projects - Local precincts that support a culture of safe and active travel
  • Signage installation and traffic observations
  • Expert cycling skills and road behaviour instruction for 9 - 13 year olds
  • Teacher professional learning opportunities
  • Teaching materials aligned with the national curriculum
  • Collaborative problem solving

Way2Go supports both national and South Australian government priorities including: