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Class Teacher Resource (Lessons)

  • Class teacher resource (lessons)

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    (Prior to practical sessions)

    Topic 1: Getting organised

    Topic 2: Helmets

    (Prior or during practical sessions)

    Topic 3: Rules and laws

    Topic 4: Making decisions

  • What is the class teacher resource?

    The class teacher resource was developed for use in schools that are participating in Way2Go Bike Ed in South Australia.

    Class teachers, Way2Go Bike Ed instructors and parents work together to support students learning about bike riding.

    The resource was written to align with the Australian Curriculum.

    The ACARA Health and Physical Education scope states that;

    • The knowledge, understanding and skills taught provide a foundation for students to enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing in ever-changing contexts.
    • By taking a strengths-based approach the questions - what keeps people healthy? and - what helps people to be active? invites students to build on their resources and competencies consistent with a preventive health agenda.
    • The priority is to provide ongoing, developmentally appropriate opportunities for students to practise and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to maintain and enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing.
    • The broader school environment enhances the effectiveness of the delivery and learning supports students to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.
    • Students are better able to practise and reinforce their learning if the physical and social environments in schools reflect the health messages delivered in the Health and Physical Education curriculum.
    • In movement and physical activity contexts, students develop and refine their communication, decision-making and goal-setting skills, and learn to manage risk and take responsibility for their own and others‘ safety.

    Other learning areas covered include

    • Technologies – Design and technologies
    • Humanities and Social Science – Civics and Citizenship
    • English
  • How to use the teacher resource


    The class teacher resource is designed to be used during the same term that your class participates.

    Topics 1 - 2 must be taught before the first practical session. This will prepare students well for learning the practical bike riding skills.

    Topic 3 - 4 are used to build on the practical lessons and reflect on personal learning.

    Topic 3 will help students to understand and engage in class discussions with the instructors.

    Topic 4 will help support students in their development towards becoming safe and responsible decision makers.


    Consult with your school coordinator about your participation dates to plan for delivery over the term or for an intensive period. The topics are listed in sequential order.

    You may decide to teach two topics in one block of time, or distribute throughout the term. The instruction guide for each topic is just that, a guide. Feel free to change the approach and duration to meet the needs of your specific students.

    Student learning journal - guide for teachers

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