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Way2Go Partnership

An active and sustained Way2Go partnership establishes a sound foundation with the partners working together to maximise the benefits to the whole school community. This uses the available resources and expertise in the most efficient and effective way. The partnership relies on a sustained process.

Schools Councils DIT

Teachers, leaders, students  and governing council

Traffic engineers, technical staff, sustainability and community development officers and others

School Community Partnerships Team

  • work within the curriculum and whole school ethos supporting parent and student leadership for safe and active travel.
  • partner with DIT to carry out site investigations and local precinct management improvements
  • install signage, develop and support a culture of cycling
  • establish links with community programs to improve road safety and facilitate walking and cycling.
  • supports focus teachers, school leadership and the school community
  • brokers broader DIT support for school precinct improvement
  • convenes annual teacher Way2Go professional development workshops
  • provides financial  support for targeted and innovative local initiatives
  • provides signage and crossing equipment
  • partners with local councils to carry out site investigations and traffic initiatives that support a culture of cycling.