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Explore this website for tips and resources to help you plan your family's active travel to and from school.

Way2Go is a statewide South Australian program promoting active, safe and green travel for primary school children and their families. It is built on a partnership between local councils, school communities and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Way2Go supports families to:

  • plan safe and active travel to and from school
  • educate their children about safe behaviour in traffic
  • initiate and embed school community initiatives that encourage safe walking, bike riding, scooting and use of public transport
  • promote a culture of safe, people friendly local streets near schools to support independent personal travel.

For more information on what Way2Go offers schools and Local Councils.

Parent and caregivers – key players in kids learning how to travel safely.

Hear Jess Trengove, an Olympic and Commonwealth Games marathon runner, and Ali Clarke, radio host and mum of three school aged kids, talk about safe and active travel habits for children.

What do you like best about your family walking or riding to school ?

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