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Registration process

Way2Go Bike Ed is a popular program that requires forward planning in order to run smoothly.

Way2Go Bike Ed is fully booked for 2021. The flowchart identifies the required steps for programs to be delivered in 2022.

Registration of interest for Way2Go Bike Ed opens August 2, 2021


School registers interest to participate in the Way2Go Bike Ed program within 4 WEEKS


Nominated school Way2Go Bike Ed coordinator and Principal receives a confirmation email within three working days. Principal asked to verify submission


DIT funded place confirmed via email to schools by start of TERM 4, 2021


List of confirmed schools including contact details given to service provider


The service provider’s Education Manager contacts schools to negotiate participation dates before 12 DECEMBER 2021


Schools that register after the due date may request to be waitlisted. If another school cancels or does not do not respond to the booking communication by the due date, waitlisted schools are offered their place.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to register online or can I complete a hardcopy form?

    All submissions must be received online. If you are having difficulties contact us.

  • How are schools notified that registration for next year is open?

    Schools are notified via an email to the school generic email address and the current nominated Way2Go focus teachers.

  • What happens if we don’t complete our registration before the close off date?

    It will not be processed or considered for a DIT funded place. You may contact us to request to be placed on the waitlist in case a cancellation occurs during the year. Alternatively, you may enquire directly with a bike education provider about a fee for service arrangement.

  • Do I need to resubmit an application if I need to change some details?

    No. If you need to change or correct any information on your submission just contact us prior to the close off date.

  • Is it possible to book two years in advance?

    No. Available places and a school’s eligibility can change from year to year. Annual processing makes it fairer to all schools.

  • Why is confirmation of dates required before the end of the school year?

    • Schools have time to consider their calendar and plan effectively.
    • Students get the full instruction time without the intrusion of other school events or priorities e.g. camps, swimming, NAPLAN etc.
    • It gives the best opportunity for the intended outcomes of the program to be achieved.
    • Schools are not disadvantaged or inconvenienced from having to wait on another’s response.

    *A catch up session can be negotiated at the initial planning stage if a programmed occasion/event means that school cannot participate in a particular week.

  • Our school principal might not be here next year. Does the current principal still need to authorise our submission to be considered?

    Yes . If your new principal needs information or expresses concern please contact us.

  • Who do I contact if I need help with the application?

    DIT is responsible for the registration process. Telephone 8402 1855 or email

  • We have year 3/4 composite classes. Can our year 3 students participate?

    Way2Go Bike Ed aims to develop students ability to manage an on-road traffic environment. For this reason only children from year 4 - 7 can participate. If you would like to discuss this further contact us.

  • Which year level should we choose to participate?

    The program is available for students aged 9-13. The recommended year levels for participation are year 5-6 (aged 10-12). By this age the majority of students can ride a bike and the program can focus on developing students ability to manage an on-road traffic environment.