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Eligibility to apply

For a school to be eligible for Way2Go Bike Ed it is expected to meet at least one of the following criteria.

  • be a Way2Go school
  • be working with the Way2Go team to create a school travel plan
  • be willing to make a commitment to integrate the Way2Go program into the school programs

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know if my school is a Way2Go school?

    If you are not sure if your school participates in the program ask other school staff in the first instance. You may also look for Way2Go signage near the entry and exit gates of your school. Should you still be unsure contact us.

  • What's involved in making a commitment to integrate the Way2Go program into the school?

    If schools express an interest in joining the program a Way2Go team member will meet with school leadership to discuss what's involved. If the school principal signs an agreement to work with the Way2Go team then your school is eligible to apply.

  • Our school participated in the program this year. Are we eligible to participate again next year?

    Schools can register their interest to participate on an annual basis. If there is more interest than places available DIT will prioritise funded places according the last participation date and evidence of the school's focus on creating a cycling culture for travel to and from school.

  • What are the delivery options?

    Way2Go Bike Ed offers six delivery options. Make sure that your school satisfied each item in the category description before registering.