Behaviours Affecting Your Neighbourhood

While you might have some general ideas about the changes you would like to see in your neighbourhood, it is worth remembering there are some road user behaviours that are unacceptable and break the law.

Behaviours to create a Living Neighbourhood

Cartoon bus.

You may have thought about behaviours which help encourage a Living Neighbourhood.

These could be as simple as trying to use your own car less or more comprehensive actions to slow down traffic, increase connections between people, improve overall wellbeing or increase their sense of local pride.

This is where Living Neighbourhoods can help by providing examples of what others have done, helping you to clarify your ideas and giving you tools to make them happen.

Dangerous behaviour

Cartoon of a car doing a burnout.

Illegal road user behaviours can include deliberate or thoughtless actions that threaten peoples’ health or safety and make people feel unsafe.

  • Speeding - breaking the speed limit or not considering the conditions by any road user at any time
  • Ignoring traffic controls - not adhering to traffic rules governing roads, intersections or crossings
  • Road rage - direct physical threats made between any road users
  • Excessive noise - generating high levels of noise through horns, claxons or other means
  • Burnouts and screeching tyres - when the tyres of a vehicle are spun to make noise or until they heat and smoke
  • Donuts and snaking - when the driver rotates the vehicle leaving tyre ‘circular’ marks on the road or ‘snake lines’ along a length of road
  • Drifting - when a vehicle slides sideways through a turn taken at high speed
  • Tailgating - not taking account of stopping distances and driving dangerously close to the vehicle in front

Related Information

Report dangerous behaviour immediately by calling SA Police on 131 444.

Otherwise you can make a report to your local police station noting details about where the incident took place and as much information as possible about the people and any vehicles involved.

Antisocial behaviour

Cartoon of guy in a car doing a burnout.

Behaviours which are not illegal can still make people feel unsafe, feel uncomfortable, or create an unnecessary inconvenience. These could include inconsiderate road-related behaviours which can have a big impact on the community.

  • Parking - inconsiderate parking can be illegal and affect access within a neighbourhood, outside shops and homes, and can have a big impact on people with lower levels of mobility
  • Noise - loud noise from revving engines, screeching tyres, horns or music can cause a dangerous distraction, and also interfere with peoples sense of personal space

If you feel you cannot directly address these kinds of issues contact your local council to register a complaint about parking or your local police station to register a complaint about noise.