Ways to Get Around

The pressures of home, school and work life mean that many of us choose what we think is the most convenient option for travelling around. Often our first thought is to use the car which is quick and direct. However, as our situations change and infrastructure improves, we may find travel options that suit us better - fitting with our changing goals to save money, get fit, or give us more independence.

Doing more while driving less

Cartoon of a person in a car.

There are many opportunities to use our cars more efficiently. These can be as simple as planning ahead and trying to get more done with each trip. So, next time you need to go to the shops maybe you could do that on your way back from work or the gym.

How to use your car less?

If you are interested in reducing the number of trips you make by car, Energy.gov.au has some advice on planning your trips more efficiently, avoiding peak hour traffic, and working from home.

Get your school or workplace to become a great neighbour

Way2Go and smarter travel @ work are programs that provide information and support about how to increase access by different travel options.

Public transport

Cartoon bus.

Taking the bus, tram or train offers great advantages in convenience and safety. Ask a family member, neighbour or friend who is familiar with using public transport to explain how it works or plan some group trips and encourage others to give it a go.

Information on your options

Information about trip planning, park and ride, route maps, timetables, fares and concessions depends on where you are:

Free travel around South Australia

Your local council may offer a free community bus and there are a number of free travel options available from Adelaide Metro:

Motorised mobility scooters

Cartoon of a mobility scooter.

Some people who have difficulty in walking long distances enjoy mobility and independence by using motorised mobility scooters.

The Moving Right Along Resource has tips on choosing and riding a motorised scooter and the road rules and laws that apply.

Get local on foot and by bike

Cartoon cyclist.

Local shops are convenient and give you a great excuse to stretch your legs and support your local community.

Choosing to travel actively is good for you, whether it's walking to the shops, jogging to work or cycling to the park with the kids. Active travel keeps joints flexible, strengthens your arms and legs, assists your agility, keeps you alert and can help you sleep well.

Carpooling and making the most of taxis

Cartoon of people in a car.

Do you know people who regularly travel to the same place, at the same time and who live close to each other? Maybe you’ve considered sharing a journey with family members or friends.


Have you considered forming a carpool and share the driving to work, school or shops. Carpooling can be a convenient, secure and fun way to travel.

Maybe your workplace, neighbourhood, school or organisation could benefit from joining Adelaide Carpool.


Consider sharing the cost of a taxi if you are travelling with a small group to the same destination. People who no longer drive say that they have saved a surprising amount of money in not owning a car, and travelling by taxi whenever they have the need.

The South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS) is a subsidised taxi travel program for people with permanent to severe disabilities that mean they are unable to safely use public transport.

Do you even need to travel?

Cartton of a girl standing next to a computer.

Could you use online shopping for your next purchase or use a supermarket home delivery service?

Shopping online for your groceries will save time and you may also save money by avoiding impromptu purchases, petrol and parking expenses - and there’s no waiting in long queues. There are a variety of online grocery shopping service providers in the Adelaide area. A simple online search with ‘Online grocery shopping - Adelaide’ will turn up many of these options. Your local grocery store may even have an online service!